The NGFA's Country Elevator Conference and Trade Show is the single largest gathering of country elevator personnel. 
Join NGFA next year in
Indianapolis, Ind., Dec 8 - 10, 2019, for the 48th Annual Country Elevator Conference and Trade Show. 

During the 47th annual Country Elevator Conference and Trade Show conducted on Dec 2-4, 622 attendees gathered in St. Louis, Mo., where they discussed the economic outlook for the grain elevator sector, as well as opportunities for leadership and growth in their companies. In addition, more than 100 exhibitors filled the St. Louis Union Station Hotel, where they met with NGFA members.

Speakers included: Will Secor, CoBank Knowledge Exchange economist, who gave an economic outlook for 2019; Mitzi Perdue, whoprovided some inspiring insights from her book on her late husband, Frank Perdue of Perdue Farms, “Tough Man, Tender Chicken: Business and Life Lessons from Frank Perdue,” regarding employee loyalty and leadership; NGFA’s leadership team, whichtook the stage for a conversation about running successful agribusinesses and how changes in the economy, recruiting and hiring, and the trade environment will impact the industry.

Attendees also heard from new business entrants in the market – Indigo Ag., Inc., Farmers Business Network, and FarmLead -  data companies that aim to connect farmers directly to grain buyers. NGFA President Randy Gordon served as moderator and took questions from the audience about how these companies fit into the existing grain industry framework and their outlooks for their respective companies.

During the conference, NGFA also announced the 2018 Grain and Feed Photo Contest winners: Madison King; Keith Heuring; Jerry Young.