state/regional affiliate associations

NGFA members include the following State and Regional Agribusiness Associations that are key partners in advancing the grain, animal food, grain processing and export industry's policy objectives and education/training programs at the federal and state levels.

Agribusiness Association of Iowa Joel Brinkmeyer Chief Executive Officer Des Moines IA
Agribusiness Council of Indiana/IGFA Amy Cornell President Indianapolis IN
California Grain and Feed Association Chris Zanobini Executive Vice President Sacramento CA
Carolina Feed Industry Association Bonnie Holloman Raleigh NC
Georgia Feed & Grain Association Inc. Danny Brown Bonaire GA
Grain and Feed Association of Illinois Jeffrey Adkisson Executive Vice President Springfield IL
Grain Elevator And Processing Society Steve Records Executive Director Golden Valley MN
Kansas Grain & Feed Association Ronald Seeber President/CEO Topeka KS
Michigan Agri-Business Association Charles Lippstreu President East Lansing MI
Midsouth Grain Association Ron Brewington Vice President Marked Tree AR
Minnesota Grain And Feed Association Laura Lemke Director Eagan MN
Mississippi Feed and Grain Association Nancy Strickland Jackson MS
Missouri Agribusiness Association Steve Taylor Executive Director Jefferson Cty MO
Montana Grain Elevator Association Krista Lee Evans Executive Director Helena MT
North Dakota Grain Dealers Association Stuart Letcher Executive Vice President Fargo ND
Northeast Ag and Feed Alliance Rick Zimmerman Executive Director Albany NY
Ohio AgriBusiness Association Chris Henney President And Chief Executive Officer Columbus OH
Oklahoma Grain And Feed Association Jeffrey Hickman President Enid OK
Ontario Agri Business Association Russel Hurst Executive Director Guelph ON
Pacific Northwest Grain & Feed Association Margerie Vis Director Portland OR
Rocky Mountain Agri-business Association Gary Leeper Executive Director Westminster CO
S. E. Grain & Feed Dealers Association of Minnesota Valerie Ahlers Secretary/Treasurer Rochester MN
South Dakota Grain & Feed Association Kathy Zander Executive Director Pierre SD
Southeastern Grain and Feed Association Inc. Bonnie Holloman Executive Director Raleigh NC
Tennessee Feed and Grain Association Phyllis Ferguson Executive Secretary Lavergne TN
Texas Grain and Feed Association Tara Artho President Fort Worth TX
Wisconsin Agri-Business Association Tom Bressner Executive Director Madison WI