Foundation Supporters

The National Grain and Feed Foundation thanks its generous supporters. 100 percent of corporate and individual contributions are directed to research and education.

Corporate Donors

Ceres Society ($250,000 and up)

Support the Foundation here.

Harvest Society ($50,000 - $100,000)

Support the Foundation here.

Gleaner Society ($20,000 - $50,000)

Grain Journal

Cultivator Society ($10,000 - $20,000)

Grain and Feed Association of Illinois

Sower (Up to $10,000)

Ace Ethanol LLC
AgMotion Inc.
Agri-Fine Corporation
Almira Farmers Warehouse Co. Ltd.
Arizona Grain Inc.
Bayou Grain & Chemical Corp.
Beachner Grain Inc
Berthold Farmers Elevator LLC
Big D Ranch Inc. 
Big River Resources
Boise City Farmers Cooperative
Central Missouri Agri Service LLC
Colusa Elevator Co.
CoMark Equity Alliance LLC
County Pride Cooperative
DE Bondurant Grain
Dearwester Grain Services Inc. 
DFS Inc.
DuPont Pioneer
Evans Grain
Farmers Grain Terminal Inc
Farmers Win Cooperative
Fredericksburg Farmers Coop
FS Grain
Gold Eagle Coop
Grain Craft
Grain Service Corp
Great Western Bank
Harris Crane Inc
Innovative Ag Services 
Keller Grain & Feed Inc. 
Kokomo Grain
Landus Cooperative
Laughlin Cartell Inc.
Lortscher Agri Service
Northwest Grain Growers
Oberbeck Grain
Obion Grain Co. Inc.
Okaw Farmers Cooperative Inc. 
Pearl City Elevator Inc. 
Plains Grain & Agronomy LLC
Red River Commodities Inc
Rumbold & Kuhn
See-Mor Grain Inc.
Stratford Grain Co
Team Marketing Alliance
TriOak Foods
United Farmers Mercantile Coop
United Grain Corp
Valley Park Elevator Inc.
West Plains Co.
Wheeler Brothers Grain Co.

Individual Donors

1896 Society ($10,000 and up)

Randall Gordon
David Hoogmoed
Rand Schafer

Stalk & Shield Society ($5,000 - $9,999)

Edward Milbank

Conveyor ($1,000 - $4,999)

Ben Baer
Gary Beachner
Gregory Beck
Rick Calhoun
Sharon Clark
Mitch Dawson
David Fairfield
John Fletcher
Gary Gantz
John Heck
Scot Hillman
Todd Kemp
Alan Koenig
Steven Nail
Ryan Pellett

Originator (Up to $1,000)

John Augsperger
Jim Banachowski
Augusto Bassanini
David Baudler
Todd Bayne
Thomas Bressner
JoAnn Brouillette
Wyatt Brummer
Jeremy Burkhart
Larry Callahan
Eric Cardoni
Jerry Cope
Scott Docherty
Tamela Elliott
Christopher Faust
Max Fisher
Robert Frederick
Nicholas Friant
Matthew Gibson
Brian Gordon
Sarah Gonzalez
Rebecca Grubbs
Jeffrey Hainline 
Jarvis Haugeberg
Dennis Inman
Robert Jones
Jerald Kemmerer
Diana Klemme
Michael Meyers
Jess McCluer
Chad Nagel
Scott Nagel
Jeff Ortman
Chris Peha
Davis Purcell
Bryan Rader
Aaron Reid
Ted Schultz
Benjamin Smith 
Joseph Smith
Rango Springer
William Leroy Startz
Chad Stroble
Bruce Sutherland
Charles Tsatsos
Jeff Van Pevenage
Margerie Vis
Nick Warren
Eric Wilkey

Support the Foundation
All administrative support and management of the Foundation are donated by the NGFA — that means 100 percent of the contributed funds are directed to research and education.

If you have questions, contact the NGFA office at (202) 289-0873.