This year's program focuses on three central topics
: the current agricultural economy; immediate impact education; and a look into the future. Topics will be addressed during both general session webcasts and breakout webinars, with additional content available in the CEC media library.

All live sessions will be recorded and made available in the CEC media library.


Tuesday December 8

Welcome to CEC 2020 – A Conversation with NGFA President and CEO Randy Gordon
During his last CEC before retiring in 2021 after a 43-year career with NGFA, President and CEO Randy Gordon joins esteemed friends of the industry to reflect on  the highs and lows of the last few decades and consider what’s in store for the next few. Other speakers TBA.

2021 Ag Economy Outlook: Avoiding Landmines
Dr. Michael Gunderson, head of agriculture research and strategy at MetLife Investment Management’s Agricultural Finance Group, will outline the current state of the agricultural economy as well as explore plausible business scenarios under the next presidential administration in which the impacts on international trade and domestic demand may be significant. 

Timeless Grain Origination with White Commercial
When we asked you what topics would be most useful for you this year, many of the comments mentioned grain origination - so that is where White Commercial will go in this diverse panel discussion. While the market environment may require different tools at different times, an approach grounded in strong principles will help you be successful in any environment.  A panel of grain buyers that represent large and small companies, co-ops and independents will join Philip Luce of White Commercial Corp. to discuss WHY you buy grain is much more important than HOW.

Advocating Safety with Farmers-Customers
Amy Cornell, president of the Agribusiness Council of Indiana, and Camille Grade, vice president of marketing and customer experience at Bushel, Inc., will lead an interactive session on the latest NGFA-led and member-company grain handling safety campaigns, reflect on feedback from producers and provide recommendations on the best methods to educate both employees and customers on preventing grain bin engulfments and other hazards. 

Wednesday December 9

Cybersecurity Today: Ransomware and Beyond
Heather Hughes, vice president at Stroz Fienberg, and NGFA First Vice Chairman Greg Beck, senior vice president of the grain division at CGB Enterprises, will join forces to spotlight ransomware, a serious cybersecurity threat to your business in terms of time, money and data. Subject matter expert Heather will present information regarding what American businesses have been experiencing in terms of ransomware attacks and business email compromises (including the huge uptick in these activities since COVID-19), and Greg will provide an unflinching look at just how disruptive ransomware attacks can be to agribusiness organizations. In addition to providing an increased understanding of these cybersecurity threats, Heather also will provide tips and tricks to help safeguard your organization. 

Inside the U.S.-China Trade Negotiations
Ambassador Jeffrey Gerrish, who led U.S. negotiations for the U.S.-China Economic and Trade Agreement, will reflect on the agreement’s potential to transform the nations’ trading relationship as well as provide intriguing insider knowledge from his experiences during the negotiations.

CME Grain Delivery Process
During his more than 40 years in the grain industry, Tom Coyle, former USA manager for COFCO International, general manager for Nidera, and NGFA Chairman, gained invaluable knowledge about the CBOT futures delivery process. In this session, Mr. Coyle will share this knowledge to help attendees understand the delivery process from a trader’s point-of-view.


Thursday December 10

After the Election: What’s Next for Agriculture Policy
More details TBA.

Van Trump Reports
Kevin Van Trump, CEO at Farm Direction, author of The Van Trump Report, and founder of FARMCON, will discuss the unprecedented circumstances facing the U.S. and the world in 2021, what long-term impacts agriculture can expect from the coronavirus pandemic, and much more.