Committee Apprentice Program

The Application Period for the 2019-2020 CAP Class is Now Open!

Nominations for the next class of participants in the NGFA’s Committee Apprenticeship Program (CAP) will be accepted Jan. 8 – Jan. 29.

The CAP is designed to help develop future leaders within the industry and the NGFA. A limited number of apprentice positions are available – generally, one to three per committee, based on committee size. Apprentices will be expected to participate fully in all committee activities, including meetings, conference calls and email exchanges. They will be encouraged to learn the committee’s issues thoroughly and to participate actively in discussions. However, apprentices are not authorized to vote on committee matters, although such votes are rare.

In addition to participating in their specific committee’s activities, CAPs come to Washington, DC in the Spring for the “CAP DC Experience.” The highlight of the CAP year for many, this visit combines quintessentially Washingtonian activities such as Capitol Hill and foreign Embassy visits, during which CAPs advocate for our industry, with the chance to dig deep into their committee’s specific issues with NGFA committee staff liaisons, and of course plenty of time to network with fellow CAPs. Mark your calendars!

New CAPs will be informed of their status by Feb. 8 in time to register and attend the NGFA’s convention on March 17-19, when the CAP year officially begins.

Committee Apprentice Program Goals

  • Provide a way for the NGFA to develop closer linkages at various levels within member companies, with a particular emphasis on involving newer employees who companies identify as having future leadership potential and a promising future in the industry.
  • Establish a mechanism for more employees within NGFA-member companies to learn about the wide range of policy issues and programs being addressed by NGFA committees, as well as the committees’ indispensable role within NGFA’s structure.
  • Benefit member companies by providing a way to further broaden and develop the expertise of their top new talent – those whom they want to invest in.
  • Identify potential new talent to engage at some future point in the NGFA’s committee system.
CAP Alumni Association
Given the success of the CAP, NGFA is creating a CAP Alumni Association and will be hosting its first CAP Alumni Reception during the 123rd Annual Convention in Amelia Island. During the reception, we’ll celebrate the “graduation” of NGFA’s fifth class of CAPs and unveil the CAP Alumni Association, designed to continue peer-to-peer networking and NGFA involvement beyond apprenticeship. Are you a graduated CAP? Be on the lookout for information shortly.