Volunteer to be an Arbitrator
Volunteers like you make a difference. 

The NGFA Arbitration System has been serving the industry for more than 100 years, as an inexpensive, accessible, expeditious and user-friendly alternative to litigation and other dispute resolution forums. Its continued success depends on NGFA members volunteering to serve on three-person arbitration panels. 

Each Case requires arbitrators with different backgrounds from varying sectors of the industry and geographic locations. 

Arbitrators are dedicated industry leaders who generously volunteer their time and energy to the system. Arbitrators enjoy the respect and gratitude of the NGFA and the industry as a whole. 

Thank you for considering volunteering! The information below will help you get acquainted with the process and determine whether you want to participate in this time-honored system. 

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Arbitration Decisions

How are arbitrators selected?

The arbitrators are experienced in the type of trade or transaction involved in the case, and are commercially disinterested with respect to the particular dispute at hand. The arbitrators are selected by the NGFA Secretary, as a neutral third-party administrator, from the NGFA membership. The arbitrators are required to disclose any circumstances likely to affect impartiality, bias, financial or personal interest. NGFA takes great care in screening the arbitrators during the selection process. The parties have the opportunity to challenge the appointment of an arbitrator for prejudicial or other reasons, but this very rarely is necessary because of the thoroughness of the initial screening process. The NGFA Secretary then replaces the arbitrator upon determining the validity of such a challenge.

When deliberating about a case, what is the first piece of evidence that I should look at?

NGFA Arbitration cases typically involve the interpretation of a contract between the parties. Consequently, your first obligation is to enforce the agreement made by the parties, regardless of whether you feel it was fair or equitable, or in conformity with the NGFA Trade Rules. While the NGFA Trade Rules are applicable to trades between NGFA Active or Allied members (and to other parties by contractual agreement), remember that the parties are free to agree upon other terms and have the right to exclude the applicability of the NGFA Trade Rules to a particular transaction. Additionally, trade practice or trade custom ordinarily becomes applicable only in those situations where the agreement between the parties or the NGFA Trade Rules fail to address the issue(s). As an arbitrator, therefore it is your duty to:

Where is NGFA's 123rd Annual Convention?

NGFA's 123rd Annual Convention will be held at the Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island.

When does registration open?

Registration is open now! You may register up through the event, including on-site, though registration rates will increase as we get closer to the event.

Who comes to NGFA's Annual Conventions?

Both NGFA member and non-members come to NGFA's Annual Convention, specifically those in middle- to upper-management level roles. Many of our larger member-firms, including those with international operations, choose to attend Convention for it's wide-ranging program focus.  Industry segments such as banking and transportation are also well represented. Additionally, those individuals with committee or Board responsibilities attend Convention in order to participate in the many meetings that occur on-site. Convention is a great way to get an annual overview of the industry in terms of international trade, transportation, US public policy, and notable activities within the industry itself so if knowing that kind of information will help you and your business,  you should probably attend!

How much does it cost?

Rates vary depending on your membership status and when you register. Those rates are: