Welcome to the training section of the NGFA – the “NGFA University” – where we offer courses and videos covering technical aspects of the grain, feed, export and processing industry. 


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Safety and Grain Quality Management

Working in or around a grain bin exposes farmers and workers to serious and life-threatening hazards, including entrapment and suffocation from engulfment. This video, funded by the National Grain and Feed Foundation, illustrates the connection between grain quality and safety. Watch now


Grain Bin Entry Safety

NGFA Manager of Safety, Education, and Training Jim Seibert reviews the basic safety precautions and equipment needed to enter a grain bin. This short video, funded by the National Grain and Feed Foundation, breaks down each step of the process to ensure managers and employees don’t miss a step and stay safe every day. Watch now


Slips, Trips and Falls

This interactive, NGFA-produced training module through Articulate 360 is funded by the National Grain and Feed Foundation. Watch now

Your Safety Matters 

This 30-minute video on general safety practices for the grain, feed and processing industry is modeled after GEAPS' Common Hazards/Common Sense video produced in 1988 following issuance of OSHA's grain handling safety standard [1910.272]. This video addresses the following: 

  • Fires and explosions; Confined space and bin entry; Truck and rail safety (such as fall protection); Safe operation of equipment ( such as proper lockout and tagout procedures); Ladder safety; Manlifts; Electrical; Personal protective equipment; Hazard communication; First aid; Emergency actions plans; Facility security
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The full suite of NGFA safety materials, including "Safety Tips" sheets, guidance documents, webinars, and more, can be found on NGFA's "Safety" issues page at ngfa.org/safety.


Grain Trade Rules Online Course

This course is intended to familiarize individuals with the Grain Trade Rules and provide practical guidance in understanding the rules. It consists of trade rules outline, arbitration decision summaries, practical guidance from members of NGFA’s Trade Rule Committee, and questions. 

A copy of the NGFA Grain Trade Rules will be needed while taking the course. Registrants can download a copy of the Grain Trade Rules within the course.


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Current Good Manufacturing Practices


This course covers what current good manufacturing practices (CGMPs) are and how they apply to the manufacture and distribution of medicated feed, types and categories of animal drugs, as well requirements that apply to FDA licensed and non-FDA licensed facilities.

Purchasing and Receiving Practices


This course describes how the quality of grains and feed ingredients establish the quality of finished feed products, the suggested quality assurance practices for purchasing and receiving grains and feed ingredients, as well as the regulatory requirements for purchasing and receiving grains and feed ingredients. 

Feed Manufacturing and Process Control


This course reviews the grinding, batching, mixing and bagging processes used during the manufacture of feed, the suggested quality assurance practices to use during feed manufacturing and the regulatory requirements associated with feed manufacturing.

Pelleting Operations


This course covers the benefits of pelleted feed and the factors to consider during pellet system equipment selection, maintenance and operation. It also reviews the suggested quality assurance practices for pelleting operations and the regulatory requirements for pelleting operations.

Finished Feed Control and Product Investigation/Recalls


This course describes the suggested quality assurance practices for finished feed sampling, inspection, labeling, shipment and delivery; suggested quality assurance practices for feed product investigations and recalls and; regulatory requirements for finished feed labeling, shipement and delivery

HACCP Approach to Feed Quality Assurance


This course reviews the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and how it may be applied to feed manufacturing, as well as the seven principles of HACCP and how to implement those principles within a feed facility.