NGFA urges members to advocate for the bipartisan transportation infrastructure bill

NGFA is asking members to send a letter to their House lawmakers using the Association’s advocacy tool urging support of the bipartisan infrastructure bill. The advocacy tool allows members to easily send a pre-drafted appeal prepared by NGFA or personalize their letter with their own story. 

The Senate approved the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (H.R. 3684) on Aug. 10. Meanwhile, House lawmakers are inching closer to the previously promised Sept. 27 deadline to vote on the bill, which would modernize the nation's aging infrastructure and enhance the efficient transport of agricultural products. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., had promised a vote on the measure by next week, but there is a possibility that it could get delayed. Pelosi last month set the Sept. 27 deadline for a vote on the infrastructure bill to gain support of moderate House Democrats for a procedural vote on the party’s $3.5 trillion budget plan – a sweeping proposal including the president’s policy priorities on healthcare, education and environment. She said she has a goal of passing both the infrastructure deal and the separate $3.5 trillion budget resolution by Oct. 1.

NGFA has supported the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act since President Joe Biden and a bipartisan group of senators reached a compromise earlier this year. This bill would make major advancements toward the goal of modernizing America’s infrastructure by increasing infrastructure spending by $550 billion over five years, including investing an additional $110 billion in U.S. roads and bridges, $65 billion for broadband, and $17.3 billion for ports and inland waterways. In addition, this bipartisan agreement includes a number of provisions designed to boost the resiliency of the agricultural supply chain including investments in cybersecurity and programs to address the truck driver shortage.

NGFA members: Please consider signing this letter to send to your representatives in the House to ensure that the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is passed into law.